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The outbound stop at River Run and Parkcenter is closed. A temporary stop is in place far side of the intersection.

The stops on Idaho from Broadway to 5th will not be serviced, this route is detouring on Front Street. Temporary stops are placed at: Front and Ave A, Front and 3rd, and Front and 5th. Also, the stop at Federal Way and TK is closed. There is no temporary stop.

The inbound stop at University and Capitol is closed. There is no temporary stop.

The stop at Cole and Emerald is closed. There is no temporary stop. The inbound stop at River and 13th is closed. There is no temporary stop.

The stop at 11th and Idaho is closed. No temporary stop is in place.

The outbound stops at Cloverdale and Hickory and Cloverdale and DeMeyer are closed due to construction. There are no temporary stops. Due to the widening project on Cloverdale Road and the need to reroute in the afternoon due to construction on Cole Road, riders can expect significant service delays. The afternoon runs of the 8X can expect delays of up to 30 minutes.

The State and Collister intersection reconstruction project will result in periodic stop closures. Riders are urged to use caution when accessing the stops. All stops in the vicinity of the construction zone, including in front of the Collister Shopping Center, will be closed for the duration of the project. The inbound stop at State Street and Ellens Ferry is closed. A temporary stop is in place far side of the intersection.

Road construction has impacted #16 as follows: DETOURS (3): 1). right on East Garrison Road and left on Collins Road back on route 2). bus is detouring down 2nd Street due to construction on 1st Street. 3). Outbound: right on Sherman, left on 8th, left on Brumback back on route. Inbound: Ridenbaugh to 8th, right on 8th, right on Sherman, left on 9th back on route. STOPS: Closed stops are Robbins Road (a temporary stop in place on Garrison cannot be served) outbound stops at 9th & Sherman and the inbound and outbound stops at 9th & Brumback (no temp stops).

The inbound and outbound stops at Warm Springs and Avenue C and Warm Springs and Bruce are closed. There are no temporary stops in place. Also, the stops on Idaho between Broadway and 5th will not be serviced, this route is detouring on Front Street. Temporary stops are placed; Front and Ave A, Front and 3rd, Front and 5th.

Expect routes #28 and #29 to have delays until construction on Cole Road between Franklin Road and Barrister is completed. The scheduled completion date is Friday, July 12. All Route 28 outbound stops and Route 29 inbound stops on Cole Road are closed due to construction.

Eastbound Overland and Overland Park has been closed. Please use the stop at Overland and Raymond or Overland and Cole. Also, Overland east of Vista is closed and the 29 is on a reroute. The Inbound is rerouting left on Vista right on Federal left Beacon. Outbound is rerouting University to Capitol, left on Capitol onto Vista, right on Overland

All Stops on Idaho are closed and will be using the following temporary stops, Front & Ave A, Front & 3rd, Front & 5th, Front & 9th. Inbound Stops for Broadway & Front and Broadway & Park are Temporarily closed, and will be using Front & Ave A

Both stops at Manitou and Beacon have been closed. Temporary stops have been placed far side Vermont for outbound and far side Euclid for Inbound.

The Stop at Enterprise and Smeed is closed from July 14th to July 17th. Please use the temporary stop at Thomas Jefferson and Smeed.

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Boise GreenBike is our bike sharing service centralized in downtown Boise. Learn more about Boise GreenBike and how to become a member.

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Final chance to comment on proposed fare increases

Valley Regional Transit (VRT) is seeking final public comment on proposed fare increases. The objective of the fare increases is to have fares cover most of the cost of services consumed. The last fare increase in Ada County was in 2003. In Canyon County, the last fare increase was in 2008.

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Donating bikes to a good cause

Giving back to the community is a big part of the mission of Boise GreenBike. Among the many community projects Dave Fotsch and his GreenBike crew participate in are the Twilight Criterium GreenBike Race (prize money will be donated to the winners' favorite charities) to the annual Cranksgiving food drive held every November.

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