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June 14 5:00 AM

Route 10 is on detour. Outbound stops closed: 8th and Franklin, Fort and 9th, and Fort and 13th. Temp stop placed at 15th and Resseguie.


June 14 4:00 AM

Some stops on Orchard are blocked by construction and cannot be serviced. Please use stops that are not currently being blocked.


June 14 3:00 AM

Inbound route 29 stop at University & Brady is closed. No temp stop.


June 14 12:00 AM

Outbound 8th & Hays is closed permanently. No temp stop placed.


June 14 12:00 AM

Outbound stop at Emerald and Rifleman is closed permanently. No temp stop placed.


June 13 12:00 AM

IB stop on Chinden and Maple Grove is closed due to construction, no temp stop.


June 10 5:00 AM

Due to road closure on East Warm Springs, this route is on detour. Learn more at


June 08 4:00 AM

The Inbound stop at Orchard and Franklin is closed due to construction. There is a temporary stop at Orchard and Peg.


June 07 8:00 AM

Due to road construction, route is on detour. Stops on 1st/Idaho and 1st/Bannock will be closed, use stop on Main and 1st.


June 07 4:00 AM

Due to construction, route is on detour. The outbound route will turn on Idaho from 5th Street. Route 9 buses will stop at Idaho/11th, Idaho/13th, and Idaho/15th. The inbound route will turn have a temporary stop placed at 23rd. The route will then turn onto 23rd to Fairview to return to Main Street Station. If you need to get to a stop on State between 15th and 9th, stay on bus and get off at a shared stop on Idaho on the outbound route.

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VRT introduces new bus network on Change Day with fare-free first week

VRT introduced a new bus network with fare-free rides on bus and VRT Access paratransit service for the first week of new service. to June 8. The new network is set to enhance connections, increase service frequency, and improve the overall travel experience for bus riders across the Treasure Valley.

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