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February 05


Route 42 Re-route Outbound to Town Square Mall: The Marketplace stop by Verizon will be closed and a temp stop will be placed by Einsteins. The stop at Midland and Cherry Lane will be closed. Inbound to Happy Day Transit Center: The stop at Midland and cherry ln will be closed. the stop in the Marketplace in front of the McDonald's will remain open.

February 19

Route 28 Construction -  Reduced Service

All stops on Maple Grove between Maple Grove between Overland and Victory are closed.

February 18

AttentionConstruction -  Detour

Outbound Regular route until Maple Grove & Overland, now we are turning Left on Overland, Right on Cole, Right on Victory, Left on Trabuco, Left on W. Salt Creek and back to normal route Missed stops Maple Grove & Overland, Pax will need to use Maple Grove & Hackamore Victory & Victory View, A temp has been placed at Trabuco for this stop Inbound Down Protec, Right on Victory, Left on Cole, Left on Overland, Right on Maple Grove and back to regular route Missed stops Victory & Victory view, Temp is placed on Trabuco that can be used for this

February 05

Route 29Construction -  Stop Moved

The following inbound stops have been closed Overland and Owyhee, Overland and Shoshone, and Overland and Vista are closed. Temp stops have been placed 300 feet prior to Owyhee and at Roberts.

November 20

Route 16Construction -  Modified Service

1st/Idaho and 1st/Bannock are closed due to construction.

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The bus system is a vibrant community of engaged riders. Thousands of people within the surrounding area access fixed routes on a daily basis, commuting to historic and developing neighborhoods. When advertising with Valley Regional Transit, companies have the opportunity to speak directly to their audience with localized, relevant, impactful messaging within the Boise metropolitan area.

bus fully wrapped in advertising in boise

Bus Advertising in the Treasure Valley


Advertising Options with Valley Regional Transit

Companies have access to a few tools unique to one of the most popular public transportation systems in the entire state. Our staff can help you place paid media in transit, across transit shelters, and on bus benches. Each option provides a location-specific opportunity to reach community members.

Exterior bus advertising is available in full, half, and tail wraps. There are also curbside, streetside, and tail panels of various sizes. Transit shelters and bus stop benches provide a static location to engage an audience, and are available in various locations throughout the Treasure Valley. Interior bus advertising includes placement via posters, the ceiling, bulkheads, and flooring.


Advertising Rates and Metrics with Valley Regional Transit

Placing media with VRT is fair and straightforward. We have set rates with clearly defined parameters as to who our audience is and how many are traveling within our transit system. Design templates and specifications are clearly stipulated and available for review at any time.

Download Media Kit Download bus design templates Read our advertising policy


Market Research on Boise’s Growth

Boise was named the fastest growing city in the U.S. in 2018. With that growth in population, there’s been a significant influx in economic activity and, notably, traffic congestion. Within the Treasure Valley, streets and public transportation are being trafficked at ever-increasing rates.

Given the increase of new digital media channels and the fractured attention spans that come with them, out of home (OOH) advertising remains a clear, focused method of reaching consumers. According to a survey conducted by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America and the Nielsen Corporation:

  • 66% of smartphone users took some type of action after seeing an OOH advertisement in the past year, and over 4 in 10 used online search to look up information.
  • OOH ad viewers are more likely to be both younger and have higher incomes than the general population.
  • In-store, 39% of 999 survey respondents noticed a directional OOH ad, 20% of OOH viewers visited immediately after seeing the ad, and 74% of those visitors made a purchase.


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Bus advertising Boise

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