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October 15 7:00 AM

Route 28

Inbound Overland and Shoshone is closed. No temp stop has been placed.

September 23 1:00 AM

Route 6, 7A, 7B 8X and 11

Fairview and 17th is closed. A temp stop has been placed at 22nd

September 23 1:00 AM

Route 6, 7A ,7B, 8X , and 11

Fairview and 23rd is closed. Temp has been placed at 22nd

September 25 7:00 AM

Route 28

Inbound Victory and Victory View is closed. No temp stop is placed, please use the outbound stop.

October 06 7:00 AM

Routes 6, 7A and 7B

Reroute on Saturdays only. No stops will be missed. Beginning Saturday 7-17-2021 through October 30th due to the Capital City Market.

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Biking in the Treasure Valley

Boise is growing and so is biking. As we cater to more public transit options for our evolving and changing community, we’ve also rolled out bike parking services.

Biking on the sidewalk during sunset

Placing Your Bike on the Bus

Riding a bike and catching a bus on the same trip is common in Boise. Every bus has a bike rack on the front. Each rack can hold at least two bikes.

For insurance and safety reasons, no bikes are allowed inside the bus, so if the rack is full, you’ll need to wait for the next bus to arrive or lock up your bike near the stop.


How to use the bike rack on a bus:

It’s simple to use the rack. If you need help, ask the driver.

  1. Communicate to the driver that you’ll be placing your bicycle on the rack.
  2. Lift the silver handle to open the bike rack.
  3. Place your bike in the open position closest to the windshield, with your front tire facing the extender arm.
  4. Lift the spring-loaded extender arm over and secure it over the front tire.




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Parking Your Bike

Whether you’re biking or busing, there’s outdoor and indoor bike parking around Boise.

  • Main Street Station

    Secure Bike Storage at Main Street Station

    There’s a bike storage room at Main Street Station with a pay-as-you-go rate of $5 per month. You can bundle that payment into three-month increments. You’ll have to bring your own lock, but you’ll be given a five-digit pin number to get into the secure room. Once inside, you’ll find a convenient bike repair station and an air compressor for routine maintenance.

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  • BikeBOI

    Secure Bike Storage with BikeBOI

    Keep your wheels safe from theft and weather inside the 8th and Main ParkBOI parking garage. BikeBOI provides bike parking access with secure key card entry. The room features security video, clear lighting, sturdy bike racks, repair tools, and power outlets to charge e-bikes. Bring your lock, stay protected, and keep your commuter bike in shape. Access to BikeBOI secure bike parking is free for all City Go members.

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Want more options? Try City Go.

City Go is a membership program designed for commuters and companies to get access to bikes, buses, scooters, carpools, rideshares — pretty much any way you can get from point a to point b.

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