Donating bikes to a good cause

Posted: 4/26/2019

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Along with the high-profile events, Boise GreenBike also contributes to the community in many smaller ways. A recent example of this is the donation earlier in June of six bikes to the Adaptive Recreation Program operated by the Boise Parks and Recreation Department.

The Adaptive Recreation Program provides a wide range of recreational, social and educational programs for youth and adults with disabilities. While the focus of the program is on helping people with mobility challenges enjoy outdoor recreation with specialized vehicles, such as hard hand-cycles and recumbent tricycles, many participants show up with non-disabled assistants who need to come along for the ride. They often used old mountain bikes that were in poor repair.

Not anymore. The six donated bikes, tuned up and made road ready, will provide a much better riding experience for the assistants. 

In looking at the photograph, you may ask why the bikes red and not the usual green color? Boise GreenBike received these bikes from a sister bikeshare system in Topeka. GreenBike staff have been using the 95 bikes from Topeka as a parts boneyard for the existing fleet. Many of these donated bikes are in good condition.

So a GreenBike shop volunteer took six of the bikes, removed the controllers, locking mechanisms and u-bars, and replaced proprietary parts with standard nuts and bolts. As a result, the donated bikes can be worked on by pretty much anyone who is handy with a wrench and screwdriver. The old mountain bikes were donated to the Boise Bicycle Project.

Pictured in the photo are Adaptive Recreation Program Manager Sonya Buchholz and Boise GreenBike Maintenance Manager Aaron Harloe. 

Boise GreenBike is the bike share service of Valley Regional Transit, serving primarily downtown Boise and Boise State. Boise GreenBike is an environmentally friendly and sustainable form of transportation. The program receives no public support for operations and relies on revenue from ridership, membership and sponsorship. Title sponsorship of Boise GreenBike is provided by St. Luke’s and SelectHealth. For more information about the program and how to become a member, visit: