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September 01 4:00 AM

Route 2, 3, 4

Routes 2, 3, 4: The stop at the airport has moved to the general public traffic lanes on the lower loop of Airport Way. The stop is located from pillar 14 to pillar 17 at the end of the arrivals pick up lanes

September 07 6:00 AM

Route 45

Route 45: detour The intersection of Idaho Ctr Blvd & Cherry Ln will be closed from 5/16/23 to 10/30/23 due to construction. The buses will detour from Idaho Ctr Blvd to Franklin Rd, then onto Black Cat Road to Cherry Ln. No stops will be missed.

September 07 6:00 AM

Route 42

Route 42 - Stop at Franklin & Robinson Rd SEC is closed due to construction. No Temp stop placed. Passengers can use the stop in front of Amazon listed as Franklin & Robinson Rd SWM.

September 08 7:00 AM

Route 16, 17

Route 16 and 17: due to construction on both the 16 and 17 expect delays.

September 22 12:00 AM

Route 17

Route 17: the outbound stop on Warm Springs and Walnut is closed; temp stop placed 300' far side.

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From the CEO: Better Bus, better for business

This article was posted in Volume 44, Number 13 of the Idaho Business Review.

Imagine this: An early riser, you take the express bus from a dedicated parking lot near your home because you like to let someone else do the driving while you use free wi-fi on the way, and you can rely on the bus to get you to work more relaxed and on time.

Imagine you work nights and can take a crosstown bus, knowing a bus will also be there when your shift ends.

Imagine taking your kids to a nearby transit hub with on-site daycare where you catch a bus into the office, knowing there’s a guaranteed emergency ride home if you need to get back in a pinch.

Imagine not having to chauffeur your children or juggle the transportation needs of an aging parent because they can travel independently by bus.

Imagine taking a train to downtown Boise for an event, passing through major transit hubs in Caldwell, Nampa, and Meridian, each a place with housing, businesses, restaurants, parks, and more.

Imagine a network of buses running frequently when and where people need them, where people of all walks of life can bus to work any time – early risers, nine-to-fivers, late shifters, weekend warriors, and everyone in between.

This is our vision, and it’s why we introduced the Better Bus initiative. A better bus system provides everyone the freedom to move where and when they want, and:

  • Delivers incredible returns – the American Public Transportation Association estimates a 5 to 1 ROI on transit when regions improve transit supply.
  • Encourages local investment, especially around frequent, reliable transit lines that become a predicable part of the urban fabric.
  • Encourages access – public transit allows people of all abilities to fully participate in the local economy, becoming an economic multiplier for the region.
  • Attracts business and talent – various generations of job makers and seekers are looking for the quality of life of places that are walkable and have good public transit.
  • Enhances space – good transit allows smarter use of public spaces, reduces roadway costs, and can free up parking for better use.
  • Improves efficiency – a transportation network that moves people and goods with energy, time, and cost efficiency improves a business’s location efficiency.
  • Saves money – residents save on transportation costs (often the second highest expense in a household budget), and businesses see increased productivity with reduced parking costs and congestion delays.

We’re getting there. With 24 routes throughout the Treasure Valley, over 20,000 rides per week, and even better service planned for 2024, we’re charting a course for growth. But to achieve our vision and become the region we know we can be, we need your help.

As the valley continues to grow, a lack of public transit will dampen the social and economic life of the region – unless VRT grows with it. The full vision of Better Bus means quadrupling our budget. As the only political subdivision in the state without taxing authority, we can’t get there without a tide shift.

Our ask: get on board. We already serve many of your offices and employees – a bus pass for your staff starts as low as $6 per employee per year. Advertising with us has proven returns. But most importantly we need your voice supporting the services we provide and helping us establish adequate, stable funding. To learn more or support what we do, send us an email at and help us build a better bus system.