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February 08 12:00 AM


Inbound stop on Idaho and 5th is closed, no temp stop placed due to construction in the area.

February 02 12:00 AM


Outbound Route 6 at Orchard and Franklin stop is closed, placed temp stop in front of Gas station.

February 05 6:00 AM

Route 40, 43

13th St. in Downtown Boise will be closed between Front St and Main St from 2/5/2024 to 3/20/2024. Operators will take the Fairview exit (exit 3), and follow Fairview until it curves to the right and becomes Main St. No stops will be missed. Any passengers that have to be dropped off at Main & 13th on route 40, will be dropped off on the nearside of the intersection.

February 09 3:00 PM

Route 40, 43

Inbound PM routes 40 and 43 - Idaho & 5th St. closed due to construction. No temp stop placed, but passengers can use Idaho & 3rd St, or Idaho & 9th St. Detour is right on 3rd st, left on Bannock, left on 6th St, right on Idaho St.

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Valley Connect 2.0

Connecting more people to more places

Transportation is about freedom. It is about being able to get where you need to go in a reasonable amount of time and at a reasonable cost. Public transportation is about maintaining freedom even as transportation costs and competition for open space increases.

Currently, automobile ownership is almost a requirement to fully participate in all the region has to offer. This reality requires public investments in wider roads, larger intersections, and private expenses in gas, car payments, insurance, and car repairs. It also leaves those who do not want to drive, or are unable to, with limited transportation options.

Public transportation, on the other hand, is accessible to all, can save families money, and can move more people in less space. Because transit is accessible to all, it can save space on the roadway and time at an intersection, ValleyConnect 2.0 is a plan to increase our residents’ freedom to move even while the region continues to add more jobs, people, and opportunities.

The Valley Regional Transit Board approved the final version of the ValleyConnect 2.0 plan on April 2, 2018.

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