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In July 2000, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) designated 511 as the national traveler information phone number. Idaho is the 24th state to provide the 511 service.

Travel Smart. Travel Safe.
511 is a public service of the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) to help travelers access information about road conditions, traffic incidents, weather and tourism information via the phone, on the Web, or by smartphone app, 24 hours a day and seven day a week.

For more information about 511 please go to: https://hb.511.idaho.gov/about.html




RouteShout 2.0

Enhanced real-time support--The RouteShout app helps you be on time and prepare for changes - anytime, anywhere. With RouteShout, you can know of bus delays and remove the uncertainty from taking public transit. Get to work, to your class, or that important appointment. It's the handy, free app for locals, students, tourists and other public transit riders. Just select your agency and route, and off you go.




Valley Connect App



Purchase your pass from anywhere, anytime.


Transit Connections

A transportation partnership between Valley Regional Transit and Lyft:

Through an exciting new partnership that begins Monday, January 28, 2019, you can now get a $2 ride using Lyft ride-sharing services to many ValleyRide bus stops.

Learn more about VRT Transit Connections



Rider's Education

Rider's Education: Traffic, parking, the expenses of gas and car maintenance, these are just a few of the frustrations you deal with on your commute. But it doesn't have to be that way. Jump on a ValleyRide bus and relax.

Learn more at RidersEducation.org



May in Motion

May in Motion is a monthlong celebration of exploring alternate forms of transportation to driving alone. We urge people to ride buses, vanpool, carpool, bike, walk, canoe (we actually had someone years ago paddle to work via the Boise River) during the month. Using an alternate form of transportation to driving solo can have many benefits – you can save money, reduce stress, find time to exercise, make new friends, reduce negative impacts on the environment … you get the picture. Read more about May in Motion