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April 21 4:00 AM

Routes 2, 3, 4

The stop at the airport has moved to the general public traffic lanes on the lower loop of Airport Way. The stop is located from pillar 14 to pillar 17 at the end of the arrivals pick up lanes

May 11 12:00 AM

Route 16

Outbound stop at 13th and Ridenbaugh is closed, no temp placed.

May 12 7:00 AM

Route 28

Outbound Maple Grove and Cannal Island and Maple Grove and Ottawa closed. No temp stop is placed.

May 12 7:00 AM

Route 28

Inbound Maple Grove and Ottawa and Maple Grove and Ardene closed. No temp stop is placed.

May 24 7:00 AM

Route 17

Outbound Warm Springs & Haines closed, No temp

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Tired of high gas prices?

Treasure Valley offers many low-cost mobility options

Gas prices are on the rise, but the Treasure Valley has great options that don’t require you to own a car! At VRT, we use natural gas and electric-powered buses, so we can continue to provide great service without feeling as much pressure at the pump (and you won’t feel it at the farebox). We’re also adding more electric buses, furthering our commitment to sustainable transportation.

We also encourage an array of more sustainable transportation options through VRT’s City Go program. If you or your employer are a member, you gain access to reduced fares and services for bus, vanpool, carpool, and bike parking.

So whether you take the bus or use another mode of transportation to get around, you can save yourself money by making a more sustainable choice.

Getting started is easier than ever!


VRT offers 21 regular and express bus routes to connect you across the valley. Jump on board, relax, and stay connected with free Wi-Fi. We’ll take care of the rest!

Bus fares start at $1.50 for a one-way trip and $2.50 for all-day travel. You can also pay with the Umo app or the City Go smart card, cash, or a variety of passes [link to Fares].

Learn how to ride the bus! 


VRT OnDemand connects you where you want to go, when you want to go. Book rides when you need them with the VRT OnDemand app!

Learn more about OnDemand services  


VRT has partnered with Lyft to provide access to and from many Boise bus stops with Lyft Transit Connections. VRT Late Night provides job access when the buses stop running. Learn more below!

Learn more about Lyft Transit Connections 

Learn more about VRT Late Night 


VRT offers a selection of services if our bus or on-demand options don’t work for you. Whether we provide the service directly or work with another transportation provider, there is access available for folks with disabilities, non-emergency medical transportation, seniors, veterans, and more. Plus, many of them are free!

Learn more by using the Services tab at the top of this page


ACHD Commuteride operates Club Red, the vanpool option for folks in Ada, Canyon, and Elmore counties.

It’s a sustainable, healthy, relaxing, and financially responsible alternative to the demands of personally driving yourself to work every day. Plus, if you become sick, have an emergency, or just need to stay later than normal at the office, they can get you to where you need to go with an emergency ride home.

Looking to save more money? If you or your employer are City Go Members, you could save 10 percent on monthly vanpool costs.

Learn more about Commuteride


Got a couple coworkers that share a similar shift? Why not carpool to work. If you or your employer have a City Go Membership, you and your coworkers can park in one of PARKBOI parking garages for $75/month.

Need a travel partner? You can use Share the Ride Idaho to find folks who share a similar route and create a carpool with them.

Learn more about carpool options and find fellow riders! 


Boise is incredibly bike-friendly! Whether you hit the Greenbelt or ride the bike lanes, there are an array of paths to get you to your destination.

Need a place to safely store your bike? Ask your employer if they offer on-site protected bike parking. If not, check to see if your employer has a City Go Membership or purchase one yourself. With a City Go Membership, you have access to bike parking at Main Street Station and the BikeBOI Bike Locker on 8th and Main.

Learn more about biking options 


Interested in staying up to date on transportation news in the area?

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