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February 05


Route 42 Re-route Outbound to Town Square Mall: The Marketplace stop by Verizon will be closed and a temp stop will be placed by Einsteins. The stop at Midland and Cherry Lane will be closed. Inbound to Happy Day Transit Center: The stop at Midland and cherry ln will be closed. the stop in the Marketplace in front of the McDonald's will remain open.

February 19

Route 28 Construction -  Reduced Service

All stops on Maple Grove between Maple Grove between Overland and Victory are closed.

February 18

AttentionConstruction -  Detour

Outbound Regular route until Maple Grove & Overland, now we are turning Left on Overland, Right on Cole, Right on Victory, Left on Trabuco, Left on W. Salt Creek and back to normal route Missed stops Maple Grove & Overland, Pax will need to use Maple Grove & Hackamore Victory & Victory View, A temp has been placed at Trabuco for this stop Inbound Down Protec, Right on Victory, Left on Cole, Left on Overland, Right on Maple Grove and back to regular route Missed stops Victory & Victory view, Temp is placed on Trabuco that can be used for this

February 05

Route 29Construction -  Stop Moved

The following inbound stops have been closed Overland and Owyhee, Overland and Shoshone, and Overland and Vista are closed. Temp stops have been placed 300 feet prior to Owyhee and at Roberts.

November 20

Route 16Construction -  Modified Service

1st/Idaho and 1st/Bannock are closed due to construction.

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VRT Late Night

VRT Late Night offers transportation assistance for low-income job access. In partnership with Lyft, Valley Regional Transit offers $3 Lyft rides to and from work for qualified riders.

Transportation Assistance for Low-Income Residents

This program for low-income workers and operates during the hours Valley Regional Transit buses are not running.

The fare is a minimum of $3 per trip. VRT will pay up to $20 of the additional ride cost, but the participant is responsible for any amount above $23 in addition to the $3 fare.


Hours of Operation

9 p.m. Monday to 6 a.m. Tuesday

9 p.m. Tuesday to 6 a.m. Wednesday

9 p.m. Wednesday to 6 a.m. Thursday

9 p.m. Thursday to 6 a.m. Friday

9 p.m. Friday to 6 a.m. Saturday

9 p.m. Saturday to 6 a.m. Sunday

Service Area Map

Need a closer look? View the service area map in Google Maps.

How VRT Late Night Works

In order to access this low-income transportation service, the rider must first meet eligibility requirements. There are several ways to qualify:

  • Receive a referral from a local human service agency.
  • Provide documentation (with your name on it) from Health and Welfare showing that you receive benefits.
  • Provide a pay stub from the last 30 days or a letter from your employer that states you are employed and what your wages are.


Income Eligibility – based on 2019 Federal Poverty Guidelines
(at or below)
(at or below)
1 $18,735.00 $1,561.00
2 $25,365.00 $2,114.00
3 $31,995.00 $2,666.00
4 $38,625.00 $3,219.00
5 $45,255.00 $3,771.00
6 $51,885.00 $4,324.00
7 $58,515.00 $4,876.00
8 $65,145.00 $5,429.00

*For each additional person add $6,630 to the annual income


If you qualify, complete the following:
  1. Fill out and submit a registration form along with any additional questions to
    Download the Form
  2. Provide VRT with your cell phone number
  3. Download Lyft and create an account
  4. Receive approval from VRT
  5. Activate the Lyft promo code in your phone
  6. Take a ride


Note that we have a few rules once riders are approved:
  1. A reasonable effort will be made by the program operator to provide seven-day notice of substantial changes to VRT Late Night. VRT Late Night is a pilot program and is subject to changes.
  2. Passengers will meet their driver at the agreed upon location decided via app or when booking through the VRT Help Desk.
  3. Riders will not share their Lyft code or VRT Late Night rides with other individuals.
  4. Riders can cancel their rides with an hour or more notice pf the pick-up time without penalty.
  5. Riders will not cancel their rides without an hour or more notice more than twice in one month or they may be suspended from the service.
  6. Passengers are required to conduct themselves in a manner that promotes positive interaction with other riders and the driver.
  7. Passengers shall help maintain the cleanliness and appearance of the vehicle.
  8. Eating or drinking aboard the vehicle is prohibited.
  9. The use or possession or transportation of any alcoholic beverage or any narcotic drug, chemical, or other substance in violation of the law is prohibited in the vehicle.
  10. Driver and passenger agree that the use, possession, or transportation of any firearms or weapons is prohibited.
  11. No smoking is allowed in vehicles at any time.
  12. Passengers agree to inform the VRT Help Desk if their schedule changes or the days/shifts they plan to use the service changes.
  13. Unless a prior agreement is made, VRT Late Night will not operate on the following holidays: Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day.
  14. Riders will comply with the operator’s terms and conditions or risk losing access to the program.
  15. VRT Late Night is a pilot program and will be available as long as funding is available.