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April 21 4:00 AM

Routes 2, 3, 4

The stop at the airport has moved to the general public traffic lanes on the lower loop of Airport Way. The stop is located from pillar 14 to pillar 17 at the end of the arrivals pick up lanes

May 11 12:00 AM

Route 16

Outbound stop at 13th and Ridenbaugh is closed, no temp placed.

May 12 7:00 AM

Route 28

Outbound Maple Grove and Cannal Island and Maple Grove and Ottawa closed. No temp stop is placed.

May 12 7:00 AM

Route 28

Inbound Maple Grove and Ottawa and Maple Grove and Ardene closed. No temp stop is placed.

May 24 7:00 AM

Route 17

Outbound Warm Springs & Haines closed, No temp

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May in Motion 2022

Get Moving with May in Motion

May in Motion is an annual month-long effort dedicated to changing commuting behaviors. When employees choose and commit to sustainable commuting options, their organization receives public recognition based on the level of achievement of all employees who participate.

Every year, organizations register to be part of May in Motion with ACHD Commuteride. Once an organization is registered, employees of that organization simply need to log their commute trips (and telework) using Share the Ride Idaho.

Take a Sustainable Stride

Not sure where to start? Why not take one of the many Valley Regional Transit buses! With peak service during the mornings and evenings, and low daily costs of $2.50 (local) and $4.50 (inter-county), you could save money and enjoy a book or social media while you ride.

As part of May in Motion, you can also earn a free 31-day Universal bus pass (worth up to $90) by simply downloading the Umo Mobility app and creating an account. Now, you’ll have no excuse not to try the bus!

The Details
  • Download the Umo Mobility app from either the Google or Apple store.

  • Create an account in Umo and make sure the email address entered is one you check frequently.

  • Valley Regional Transit will transfer a pass directly into your Umo account or on your City Go Smartcard weekly on Friday by 5 p.m. between April 22 to June 3.

Please note: This option is for new accounts created in Umo in April or May. If you already created an account in Umo before, you are not eligible. Also, only one bus pass will be rewarded per account created.

Track Your Trips and Earn Even More!

If your employer is already registered, you’re in luck! It’s likely your organization has a Transportation Coordinator that can help you with logging trips in Share the Ride Idaho, or you’ve already logged trips before yourself.

What’s more, you have additional opportunities to earn many great rewards from Commuteride, City Go, and Valley Regional Transit. In particular, if you log ten or more bus trips throughout the month of May, you can earn a 31-day Universal bus pass to use on any Valley Regional Transit bus.

The Details
  • Log daily trips in Share the Ride Idaho with your registered account.

  • Make sure you log at least 10 bus trips throughout the month of May.

  • In June, Commuteride will send a benefit code to you through/from Share the Ride Idaho that you can redeem for a 31-day bus pass.

Please note: Logging additional bus trips does not equate to an additional bus pass. One bus pass will be awarded per person per ten full trips logged throughout May.

Employers Get Added Benefits!

This year, City Go and Valley Regional Transit are giving a boost to businesses!

30-Minute Transportation Talks = Bonus Points

Registered May in Motion employers can earn more points toward their May in Motion award by attending a brief transportation talk. During one of these short sessions, folks will learn about the regiona

l bus pass program and City Go membership. Folks will also learn how they can be part of changes to the transportation system that connects the Treasure Valley.

Dates and Details

Snacks and light refreshments are provided at all in-person events. Times vary for each event, as noted below. Additionally, masks must be worn inside Main Street Station (MSS) per federal mandate. Masks are optional once in the meeting room at MSS.

Please note: Each registered organization only needs to have one person attend one of the four meetings.

Bus Passes for New Businesses

New this year! New businesses that sign up for a Regional Bus Pass Program and/or a City Go Membership in April or May automatically get one free month of either/both programs!

That means your business and your employees can get 13 months of bus transportation. And! If your employees create new Umo accounts and log trips in Share the Ride Idaho, they can also possibly earn two additional 31-day Universal bus passes. (That’s a year and a quarter!)

Participate and get recognized

The Ada County Highway District Commuteride has made it easy for your organization/agency/business to participate in May in Motion and get recognized for doing so. Bronze, silver, gold and platinum awards are awarded to participating businesses based on three categories:

  • Smart commute incentives and subsidies offered to employees
  • Employee participation in May in Motion (i.e., number of alternative commute trips logged)
  • Promotion of alternative commute options at your workplace

Read more about May in Motion, including accessing an employer toolkit.

What Are You Waiting For?

With so many ways to earn bus passes and bonus points for May in Motion, this April and May are promising for everyone!

So if you’ve never hopped on the bus or if you’re an avid trip logger in Share the Ride Idaho looking to try new modes, why not download the Umo Mobility app and log your bus trips? You’ll get a pass or two, save money on gas, and make a difference in the air we breathe and the traffic on the road.

Get going today, or email us if you have questions.