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April 03 5:00 AM


Outbound Route 6 at Orchard and Franklin stop is closed, placed temp stop in front of Gas station.

April 08 12:00 AM


IB stop on Idaho and 3rd is closed, no temp stop placed due to revenue lane and stop blocked off by cones.

April 11 4:00 AM


Inbound stop at Franklin and Phillipi is closed. No temp placed.

April 11 5:00 AM


Outbound stop at Orchard and Ponder is closed. No temp.

March 29 12:00 AM


Route 16 is on detour. Inbound: From 9th, left Jefferson, right 6th, right Front, right Capitol, to Main Street Station. No stops missed.

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Rides2Wellness helps you get to your medical appointments by providing free transportation in the Treasure Valley. This service is a shared-ride transit system that takes multiple passengers to participating clinics (see list below for participating clinics).


  • You are not eligible for Medicaid transportation
  • You do not have transportation to your medical appointment
  • You live in Boise, Meridian, Garden City, Eagle, or Star to travel to participating Ada County clinics
  • You live in Nampa or Caldwell to travel to participating Caldwell County clinics
  • Your appointment is at least two (2) business days after you call to schedule your appointment
  • Your appointment is at a participating clinic

Rides2Wellness is coordinated with various transportation providers in the community. Valley Regional Transit will schedule your ride with an available provider in your community.

To schedule a ride, call the VRT Help Desk at (208) 345-7433 at least two business days before your appointment and provide the customer service representative with your clinic location and appointment time. Once the ride is scheduled, you’ll receive a confirmation call the night before the scheduled appointment.

Ada County Participating Clinics

Must be a resident of Boise, Meridian, Garden City, Eagle, or Star


St. Luke’s Clinics
Internal Medicine 4840 N Cloverdale Rd (Boise) (208)706-8000
Internal Medicine 1000 E Park Blvd (Boise) (208)381-4100
Internal Medicine 520 S Eagle Rd (Meridian) (208)706-5110
Internal Medicine 3101 E State St (Eagle) (208)473-3275
Internal Medicine 600 N Robbins Rd (Boise) (208)385-3329
Wound Clinic 600 N Robbins Rd (Boise) (208)489-5800
St. Luke’s Rehabilitation 600 N Robbins Rd (Boise) (208)385-3000
Heart Health & Rehabilitation Center 3525 E Louise Dr (Meridian) (208)706-7050
St. Luke’s Idaho Cardiology 3525 E Louise Dr (Meridian) (208)322-1680
MSTI: Meridian 520 S Eagle Rd (Meridian) (208)706-5651
MSTI: Boise 100 E Idaho St (Boise) (208)381-2711
Idaho Pulmonary Associates 2051 E Summersweet Dr (Boise) (208)323-3767
Lifestyle Medicine 5155 S Hillsdale Ave (Meridian) (208)706-9710
Wound & Hyperbaric Clinic 3277 E Louise Dr (Meridian) (208)489-5800
Psychiatric Wellness Services 703 S Americana Blvd Suite
150 (Boise)
St Luke’s Imaging Center 2619 W Fairview (Boise) (208)706-5850
St Luke’s Humphreys Diabetes
1226 W River St (Boise) (208)331-1155
St Luke’s Children (All Clinics) 305 E Jefferson St (Boise) (208)706-5437
St Luke’s Kidney &
Hypertension Clinic
222 N 2nd St Suite 315 (Boise) (208)846-8335
Idaho Pulmonary Associates 2051 E Summersweet Dr
Idaho Pulmonary Associates 2347 E Gala St (Meridian) (208)323-3767
Behavioral Health 403 S 11th St Ste 210 (208)381-6005


Saint Alphonsus Clinics
Health System Cardiac Rehab 900 N Liberty Rd Suite 302
Health System Mammography
Services Boise Breast Surgery
(Women’s Specialty Clinic)
900 N Liberty Rd Suite 101
Medical Group Global Health
6533 W Emerald St Boise 208-302-5225
Regional Medical Center
(Various Offices)
1055 N Curtis Rd Boise 208-367-2121
Cancer Institute Clinic 1055 N Curtis Rd Boise 208-367-3131
Medical Group Overland
Family Medicine
10255 W Overland Rd Boise 208-302-5600
Medical Group Lake Hazel
Family Medicine
10583 W Lake Hazel Rd Boise 208-302-5900
Geriatric/Palliative Clinic 5966 Curtisian Ave Boise 208-302-5470
Medical Group OBGYN
1072 N Liberty St Suite 100
SAMG Neurology 1072 N Liberty St Suite 303
Neurosurgery Mulvaney 1072 N Liberty St Suite 303
Medical Group McMillan
Family Medicine
12273 W McMillan Rd Boise 208-302-5500
Medical Group MHP Family &
Internal Medicine
3025 W Cherry Ln Suite B
Medical Group W Emerald
Family Medicine
6051 W Emerald St Boise 208-302-5100
Medical Group Star Family
10717 W State St Star 208-302-6300
Bown Crossing Clinic 2141 E Park Center Blvd Boise 208-302-5050
Heart Care 6140 Curtisian Ave Boise 208-367-4278
Diabetes Care and Education 1000 Curtis Rd Boise 208-302-0700
Diabetes Care and Education 3250 W Cherry Meridian 208-302-0600
Pulmonary and Sleep
1075 N Curtis Rd Boise 208-367-8333
Extensivist Clinic 5966 Curtisian Ave Boise 208-302-5460
Medical Group Bown Crossing
Health Plaza Family Medicine
2141 E Parkcenter Blvd Boise 208-302-5000
Medical Group EHP Internal
323 E Riverside Dr Suite 224
Medical Group EHP
Mammogram Services/Breast
323 E Riverside Dr Suite 132
208-367-8787 (scheduling)
208-367-5733 (Janet, PCS)
Trauma and Fracture 901 N Curtis #501 Boise 208-302-3900
Lymphedema Clinic 717 N Liberty St Boise 208-367-8944


Pick-ups can only be scheduled Mon-Fri, 7:30 a.m. through 5:15 p.m. to qualify as a free ride in this program

Canyon County Participating Clinics

Must be a resident of Caldwell or Nampa


St. Luke’s Clinics
Idaho Elks Hearing & Balance/Children’s Rehab 170 2nd St S (Nampa) (208)489-5700
Family Medicine HC 215 E Hawaii Ave (Nampa) (208)514-2502
Cancer Institute 9951 W St Luke’s Dr (Nampa) (208)467-6700
Idaho Pulmonary Associates, Cardiology Associates, Behavioral Health, Family Medicine 9850 W St Luke’s Dr (Nampa)
Family Medicine 3165 E Greenhurst Rd (Nampa) (208)463-7330
Rehabilitation Services 290 W Georgia Ave (Nampa) (208)385-3700
Children’s Rehabilitation, Urology, Family Medicine 1906 Fairview Ave (Caldwell) (208)385-3680; (208)505-2101
Kidney and Hypertension 4620 Enterprise Way (Caldwell) (208)846-8335
Pediatrics 1620 S Kimball Ave (Caldwell) (208)505-2950



Saint Alphonsus Clinics
Medical Offices (OBGYN, Garrity Heart Care, Garrity Pain & Spine, Vascular, Orthopedics) 4424 E Flamingo Ave (Nampa)
Digestive Health 5080 E Commerce St (Nampa) (208)489-1900
Family Medicine/Extensivists 1150 N Sister Catherine Way (Nampa) (208)302-7000
Family Medicine/Geriatrics 1510 12th Ave Rd (Nampa) (208)302-6800
Family Medicine 11035 Karcher Rd (Nampa) (208)302-6600
Medical Center 4300/400 E Flamingo Ave (Nampa) (208)205-1000
Rehabilitation Services 131 Consitution Way (Nampa) (208)205-0160
Cancer Institute 4400 E Flamingo Ave (Nampa) (208)205-0350
SAMG Pulmonary/Sleep 4400 E Flamingo Ave (Nampa) (208)302-3300
Geriatrics 315 E Elm St (Caldwell) (208)302-5600
Pain Center 1825 S Kimball Ave (Caldwell) (208)455-3535
Diabetes Care and Education/Heart Institute 1906 Fairview Ave Suite 430 (Caldwell) (208)302-0200
Cancer Institute 3123 Medical Dr (Caldwell) (208)453-2033


Terry Reilly Clinics

Pick-ups can only be scheduled Mon-Fri, 7:30 a.m. through 5:15 p.m. to qualify as a free ride in this program

Medical, Dental, & Behavioral Health 207 1st St S (Nampa) (208)466-7869
Medical, Behavioral Health, & Urgent Care 223 16th Ave N (Nampa) (208)467-7654
Dental 2005 Arlington Ave (Caldwell) (208)466-0515
Behavioral Health 2005 Arlington Ave (Caldwell) (208)318-1362
Medical, Dental, Behavioral Health, Urgent Care, & Pharmacy 808 Cleveland Blvd (Caldwell) (208)459-1025


Pick-ups can only be scheduled Mon-Fri, 7:30 a.m. through 5:15 p.m. to qualify as a free ride in this program