VRT OnDemand

VRT OnDemand in Canyon County

The ValleyRide fixed route system in Nampa/Caldwell has been changed to an on-demand service as of Monday, Oct. 5, 2020. This service change will provide for better transit flexibility. You will be able to book a trip between any two existing bus stops or any of the 200 virtual bus stops. 

Due to this changeover in how we will provide bus service, we have eliminated the routes 51, 52 and 55.

How will the new service work? You can request a ride by downloading a mobile app by calling the Help Desk at 208-345-7433, or online at valleyregionaltransit.org. YOU CAN START SCHEDULING RIDES FOR ON-DEMAND SERVICE IN NAMPA/CALDWELL ON MONDAY, OCTOBER 5. 



Why are you making this change?

Revenue and ridership in Canyon County have not kept up with cost or performance expectations. Attempts to adjust service levels and routes within those resources continue to lead to low quality services and continuing poor system performance. Accordingly, VRT staff evaluated Canyon County local services to determine how those services could be redesigned to be more productive within the limited resources currently available.

VRT researched and evaluated innovative approaches to transit and determined an on-demand transit system has a high probability of achieving the desired results for the services within the existing financial constraints.

VRT staff expects to build new ridership contracts and/or funding partnerships with the expanded service area. Staff also expects to see increased efficiencies and higher ridership revenue over the term of the on-demand pilot term. If this pilot is successful, it will become the model for on demand transit within other VRT service area.