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November 29 4:00 PM

Route 5

bus 708 22 down due to traffic.

September 23 1:00 AM

Route 6, 7A, 7B 8X and 11

Fairview and 17th is closed. A temp stop has been placed at 22nd

September 23 1:00 AM

Route 6, 7A ,7B, 8X , and 11

Fairview and 23rd is closed. Temp has been placed at 22nd

November 26 11:15 AM

Route 4

Roosevelt and Cassie closed, no temp.

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Our buses are going electric!

Valley Regional Transit has introduced the first electric buses to the Treasure Valley, in an effort to help reduce the region’s carbon footprint. Several of these quiet, comfortable, low-emission buses were put in service in early October!

The Chargin’ Champ Powered by Electric
Get on board with electric

There’s a new team in town charged with making a change. A quieter, more comfortable commute, and a more sustainable Treasure Valley.

Experience the future of transportation

Electric buses (or E-buses) are a big step toward making the Treasure Valley a cleaner, more sustainable place to live, work, and play. With nearly zero emissions, the battery-powered buses are fueled by Idaho Power, which generates approximately 60% renewable electricity.


We always put riders first

You may notice small changes when boarding an electric bus. First, you won’t hear it coming. E-buses are whisper quiet, so keep your eyes peeled when the bus is scheduled to arrive. Once you sit down, it’s even easier to get comfortable. The smoother ride of electric means you can enjoy the commute while you read, work, listen to music, or just relax. And when you arrive at your destination, you’ll breathe easy knowing that your clean commute released nearly zero emissions into our air.

Taking your first ride is easy, whether the bus is electric or not. These buses might be new, but they don’t cost any more to ride.

Learn How to Ride
Photo of electric bus

How do electric buses compare?

Electric buses have about 90% fewer moving parts than gasoline-powered buses, which means the maintenance is minimal. Discover how they compare to more traditional buses.

Learn More

Meet The Electric Fleet!

  • The Pollution Solution

    The Pollution Solution:

    The Pollution Solution is second in command of the Electric Fleet. The Pollution Solution is always ready to help a friend at a moment’s notice. Especially if it’s to provide a cleaner place to live.

  • The Chargin’ Champ

    The Chargin’ Champ:

    The Leader of the Electric Fleet. Strong-willed and respected, Champ looks for a brighter, cleaner future. He leads the fleet in using the mighty “Voltaray” beam, charged by bus riders, to send Smog and his congestion army fleeing.

  • The Clean Green Machine

    The Clean Green Machine:

    For The Clean Green Machine, the mission always comes first. The Machine keeps the team on task, fighting for a more sustainable future fueled by renewable energy.

  • The Silent Rider

    The Silent Rider:

    The strong, silent type. Diplomacy is The Silent Rider’s specialty, always listening from every direction before making a decision. With no roaring combustion engine, The Silent Rider boasts smooth, quiet, electric power.


Electric Bus Fleet

The Electric Fleet vs. The Forces of Smog!

Our Fleet is starting with four brave heroes fighting to keep the air clean, and the roads clear. Explore the Electric Fleet’s first adventure in the new comic book.

Download the Comic Book Today!
VRT Bus Electric Bus Wrap

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Grab your own digital copy of the comic book The Electric Fleet vs. The Forces of Smog! 

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Proterra 40’ Spec Sheet

Proterra 35’ Spec Sheet


For media inquiries, contact:

Dave Fotsch
(208) 331-9266